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Journey to reimagine and revitalize a brand.

Al-Chemy, owned by corp company, Al-Rite, which is a family owned an operated beverage manufacturing company in Miami, Florida, operating for over 50 years. After being a co-packer for so many years for other brands, Al-Rite designed "Steves" own alcohol beverage line of products they could call their own. With a laundry list of products created, Al-Rite/Steve's needed a brand name to describe the products and be broad enough to expand across all of their new product creations.

DESCRIBE THE PRODUCT - Issue not allowed to use typical "liquor names" due to legalities around it....


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Al-Chemy, Alchemy, Bloody Mary Wine Cocktail


Labels that look just as good as the potions taste.

With months of research around the marketplace, and extensive brainstorming sessions, the Al-Chemy name emerged. Not wanting to completely abandon the Al-Rite name, and being a true alchemist in the beverage industry, Al-Chemy (with a dash) took true form. The details are in the label, utilizing the Alchemy symbols from back in the day and adding a customized look for the "A" in Al-Chemy, as well as the alchemy alphabet utilized as a background.

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Powerful potions, bottled and ready for your enjoyment.

Launching new brands, let alone a wine-based liquors and mixed drinks is not small task. However, having a wine-based liquor, enables restaurants to have a full bar with only a beer and wine license. Partnering up with some distributors, launching the website, in-store sampling programs, social media campaigns, point of sale and trade initiatives, the brand can now be found in a variety of locations like: Sedano's supermarket, restaurants and Liquor stores all across South Florida.

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